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Croatia's epic Blue Cave (sometimes called the Blue Grotto Croatia) is located at Bisevo Island, but you should know it is impossible to visit the cave yourself. Luckily, there are tours that are specially designed to take you to this magical Blue Cave and ensure your time there is safe and enjoyable.

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3. Komiža village (Vis Island) The second stop, just a short boat ride from the Blue Cave, was the picturesque village of Komiža on Vis island. This is a very cozy fishermen's town with stone houses, narrow streets, and a nice waterfront area with several restaurants and shops.

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The Blue Cave, also known as Modra špilja or Blue Grotto, is a unique and remarkable geomorphological wonder located on the Bisevo island, just five miles from Komiza on Vis Island and 44 nautical miles from Split. It's the furthest point from the ancient city in the Dalmatian archipelago and Vis is closest neighbour.

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The Blue Cave is located in Balun Bay, on the east side of Biševo. The organized tours start from the port of Mesoporat. About the Cave. The Cave is 24 meters long and approximately 12 meters wide. Its height of up to 15 meters and depth up to 16 meters make it just the right size for a group of people to pass through.

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The Blue Cave, or the Blue Grotto as it is sometimes known, is located on the small island of Bisevo, a part of the Vis Archipelago of islands off the coast of Croatia. The cave was formed by the wave erosion as seawater carved into the island's limestone rock. The cave is fairly small at 24 meters long, 15 meters high, and 12 meters deep.


Blue Cave Croatia. Not only is the Blue Cave one of the unique natural phenomena in the world, but this bright and beryl attraction on Bisevo island is destined to be the highlight of your Croatian holiday. The magnificent work of Mother Nature, this cerulean oasis is so unique because it is formed due to seawater eroding limestone, a rock.

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About. The Blue Cave of Bisevo is a beautiful excursion to visit while you enjoy Croatia. Enter with a specialized boat and be dazzled by the wonderful colors and esssence of Blue Cave. Blue Cave Croatia Tours take off daily from Split at 08h and travels to Bisevo Blue Cave, Unique Stiniva Bay on Vis, Green Cave, Paklinski Islands near Hvar and.

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The waterlogged sea cave we call the Blue Cave is in a bay on the island of Biševo, an island in the Adriatic sea about 70km from Split in Croatia. This tiny island has a population of like, nobody, and pretty much exists as a base for visitors to the Blue Cave to kill time whilst waiting for their tour boat.

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The Blue Cave in Croatia is one of the best day trips from Split. The cave was not even known to more than a few fishermen until the late 1800s. It had only been accessible by divers. A man named Baron Eugen von Ransonet heard of this cave and upon his urging, a manmade entrance was created using dynamite.

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BLUE CAVE TOUR - Blue Cave & Hvar 5 island tour from Split Luxury speedboat tour to Blue Cave, Croatia. Tour include 5 top destinations: Blue Cave, Stiniva bay, Budikovac islands, Hvar and Paklinski islands.

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Discovered in 1884, the Blue Cave sits on the eastern tip of Biševo, conveniently across from the western coast of Vis where Komiža is the main resort. Home of celebrated lobster restaurants and the island's most notable bar hub, Komiža is dotted with tour agencies that all offer day trips to Biševo, advertised on boards lining the.


Zi @Craving Adventure. July 2, 2023. Croatia, Europe. Share your love. The Blue Cave, also known as the Blue Grotto, is one of the most renowned natural attractions in Croatia and a sight to behold. As you enter through a narrow rocky entrance, the inside of the cave shimmers with an ethereal blue hue, casting a magical glow all around you.

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The Blue Cave Island Bisevo Scuba Diving Blog

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The Blue Cave or Blue Grotto or Modra špilja is a splendorous and unique geomorphological natural wonder on the Croatian Adriatic located in a bay of Balun on the island of Biševo, about 9 km (5 miles) from Komiža, Vis, and over 69 km (111 miles) from Split.

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The cave is at its most beautiful between 11 am and 12 pm on a sunny day. The bright blue glowing effect is created when the sun's rays enter through the water and reflect off the limestone.