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Let's start with a typical Light Summer Colouring You must have absolutely no darkness in your features and a cool to cool neutral skin tone as a Light Summer. Being a neutral season leaning towards cool, you may have some warmth in your features but your skin tone determines your season, and this must have some coolness and no obvious warmth.

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Light Summer Color Palette Undertone Light Summer's features are entirely light and delicate. They have cool blue and gray undertones. Contrast There is a Low Contrast between your skin, eyes, and hair. They blend rather than contrast each other. Skin Your skin has neutral (beige) or neutral-cool (pink) undertones ranging from fair to medium.

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Light Summer, with its mild aspect, is ideally suited with soft metals like silver and white gold. Furthermore, if the gold has a mild tint, you can wear a rose and yellow color. Accessories that are too dark or shiny you have to avoid. Rose Quartz, Pearl, Topaz, and Aquamarine are the ideal gemstones for you. gold. rose gold. white gold. silver.

All About Light Summer Explore the 12 Seasons at Radiantly Dressed

50 Light Summer Color Palette Ideas To Inspire Your Designs Do you like colors? Have you ever thought about how important they are in making things look nice and attractive? Colors play a big role in making things look good, especially in designs.

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Light Summer Color Palette Palm Tropic Location, Little Pink Terrace and Tropical Vacation. Beach, sand, and crystalline water are the inspiration for this light summer color palette. This mix contains a couple of blues and a green with a cool tone. The peachy and yellow colors are great supporting colors that make the whole palette work in.

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Light summer color palette and seasonal guide, 12 Seasons Color Analysis.If you're a light summer, or suspect you are, this video should help you learn about.

Light Summer A Comprehensive Guide the concept wardrobe Light summer color palette, Soft

Skintone And most importantly how your skin's undertone reacts to certain colors Your skin tone, hair color, and eye color will fall into one of four main seasonal categories: winter, spring, summer, and autumn. The base families are named after seasons because each season has an established color association with it.

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True to the name of the season, light summer colors lie at the lightest end of this spectrum. There's virtually no trace of darkness in this palette; in fact, the primary aspect of a light summer's coloring is light. Some medium tints are present, and they're used to introduce depth to the predominant light shades. Chroma

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The palette. Light Summer colours are fresh, airy, relaxed, fun and uplifting. TCI Light Summer classic palette. TCI Light Summer corporate palette. In our 12 tone chart, Light Summer falls on the path from True Summer to True Spring. It combines True Summer's cool, serene palette with a dash of Spring's bright sunshine.

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In this article you will discover: The Light Summer color palette, Light Summer Makeup, Hair and Jewellery; Common characteristics of a Light Summer ; T he benefits of using the Light Summer palette for your wardrobe; The Light Summer outfit secrets to looking effortless; If you should have a seasonal colour analysis for a professional confirmation; From our experience styling thousands of.

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Ultimate Winter Shopping Guide Our most beautiful e-books so far! If you liked the Color and Style e-books, we highly recommend them! 01 The January Issue 2024 View Full Guide Light Summer Characteristic Light Summer combines lightness with coolness. Light Summer has a low contrast level between skin, hair and eyes.

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What Is a Light Summer Color Palette? 5 Common Characteristics of a Light Summer Softness Cool Undertone Muted Hues Pastel Tones Low to Medium Contrast 10 Best Light Summer Color Palettes Soft Coral Pastel Lavender Powder Blue Pale Peach Light Mint Green Rose Pink Soft Turquoise Periwinkle Blue Dusty Mauve Salmon Pink


‍ You are a Light Summer if the primary colour aspect of your overall appearance is light, and the secondary aspect is cool - meaning cooler colours suit you better than warmer ones. When you look in the mirror, the first thing you notice about your colouring is the low contrast between skin, eyes, and hair. All of your features are very light.

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Light Summer is cool and light and shares characteristics with summer and spring in the 12 season system of color analysis. Are your features very light for your ethnicity? Do you look best in the lightest shades of blue, pink, and purple? Are your drawn to pastel scenes in nature? If this sounds like you, you might be a Light Summer!